Functionality and innovative aesthetics constitute Herno’s new down jacket concept. The clothes are super-light, which is the key to the brand’s success, and the result of an innovative production process together with a maniacal care in the selection of the materials. Futuristic machines inject the feathers inside the jackets, which allows for the elimination of the usual down bag inside the jacket thereby lessening the overall weight. The various sections of the jacket are not sewn, but heat sealed which increases the waterproof performance. The best feathers available in the marketplace – from the French Périgord, Siberia and the Italian Lomellina – are selected and mixed. The final result is a light down jacket with excellent comfort and warmth. This is the reason why, above and beyond the fashion element, a Herno jacket is truly the best quality we could possibly imagine for our children’s clothing: down jackets without the Michelin man effect, soft and comfy, but completely reliable in terms of warmth and protection.


We have first-hand testimonials: once the kids in the shop try on one of these jackets they just don’t want to take it off again!

Herno 3

Hand in hand with the technology, the styling. The lines are soft and enveloping; the models have got a trapeziod cut with shorter arms; the colours are fresh and refined. The taste is sophisticated for a functional jacket, and extremely attractive.


The Spring/Summer kids collection is really enticing: jackets and capes in pastel-tinted ultra-light down; bombers and blazers for the boys… The excellent quality of the materials guarantees airflow, waterproofing and extreme lightness. Your kids clothes therefore become packable and occupy minimum space, without wrinkles. You can pack them in the bags for the holidays, stuff them in a small rucksack, and when you pull them out, whenever needed, they look perfect!


We’re waiting for you in the store during the next weeks. The entire Herno Spring/Summer 2014 collection will be available. But not only – there is an infinite variety with all the other brands available to let you choose a unique spring wardrobe for your kids….