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An attractive and immediately recognisable style; an explosion of contrasting colours, but always mixed with good taste; fantastic comfort and wearability; great value for money: we’re talking about PANCHIC!

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Perfect for all occasions and every type of clothing, from classic to sporty, from romantic to hippy chic… Warm and comfortable, with its inner lining of soft wool. Completely adaptable for all kinds of kids’ feet with an extractable insole and an anti-slip rubber outer sole. Amusing, colourful, original, inimitable…

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Thick colourful laces in contrast with the suede of the shoe. Perfect for a girl dressing up with the shoes in the picture. But the double cotton laces render the shoes equally suitable for boys.

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But not everyone gets on with laces: maybe they’re not that practical with small children, maybe the school prefers other fastenings… Panchic holds a surprise, however, there is a hidden lateral zip that lets you put the Panchics on and take them off without undoing the laces!

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We’re waiting for you in the shop to try the PANCHICs on. Sizes and colours are fast disappearing so get a move on. Sale prices are guaranteed for everyone.

You’ll find PANCHIC shoes for your kids at Nikilò, but these shoes also exist for adults. You can find matching pairs in the best shoe shops and be as comfortable as your kids.