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Moncler is a historic brand of down jackets, which stands out for its blend of luxury and comfort: the warmest, the softest and the smartest. These are the winning characteristics of the fashion house, leader in both adult and kids markets. Moncler Junior is a triumph of precious detail and startling colours, that is simply brilliant to slip on. The unrivalled protagonist of the latest Winter collections is all-weather flanel, luminous and rich, a cloth that shines with rich personality but that still maintains the same comfort as nylon. In the Summer collections the stand-out novelty is “Light Down”: super soft and unbelievably light, ethereal but with just the right touch of breathability and thermic waterproofness the Spring weather demands.

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But Moncler is not just a byword for down and other winter jackets. The array of fashionable products grows richer from season to season, especially in the kids’ sector. This summer the offer is vast and all equally fascinating: adorable dresses and t-shirts with floral prints for the girls; colourful polo shirts for the boys; wicked romper suits for the smallest. Then, a whole bunch of accessories: hats, great swimming trunks for the boys and lovely costumes for the girls. Babies have their own fresh and elegant items: classic playsuits, that stand out for their colours and stripes; elegant jackets in summer wool; tiny t-shirts, sleeping bags and blankets in light down…


Moncler is a tireless brand that continually transforms itself, but is always faithful to its own personal history, renewed and retransmitted year after year. It has a unique and never banal point of view; a history of excellence, quality, class and good taste. This is Moncler’s hidden secret: it combines fashion with every-day comfort, never compromises and always strives for the best, because true luxury is for ever.