Moncler Junior: luxury for kids too!

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Moncler is a historic brand of down jackets, which stands out for its blend of luxury and comfort: the warmest, the softest and the smartest. These are the winning characteristics of the fashion house, leader in both adult and kids markets. Moncler Junior is a triumph of precious detail and startling colours, that is simply brilliant to slip on. The unrivalled protagonist of the latest Winter collections is all-weather flanel, luminous and rich, a cloth that shines with rich personality but that still maintains the same comfort as nylon. In the Summer collections the stand-out novelty is “Light Down”: super soft and unbelievably light, ethereal but with just the […]

The new Il Gufo Spring/Summer collection is here…


Il Gufo means delicacy, style and quality. Each and every item is capable of emphasizing the innocence and purity of the child that wears it. It’s not by chance that the corporate slogan is: “Il Gufo: kids dressed like kids”.


The style, unmistakeably classy, is yet again the distinctive note of the spring collection this year. The Il Gufo girls resemble little princesses, draped in pastel tones and light fabrics. The boys are refined, but at the same time ironic and up-to-date. The “baby” line is colourful, playful, but chock-a-block with classic models in linen and silk.

Stella McCartney Kids

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A new, fresh and amusing fashion brand; a colourful and joyful collection; a quintessential metropolitan style to dress kids from 4 to 14. Stella McCartney, a mum with four children and famous designer of women’s clothes and accessories with a sartorial look and elegant and refined taste, launches a collection for kids, but with a different vision that doesn’t follow the adult brand identity. As the designer herself says: “simple models that are comfortable and satisfy kids’ needs, without sacrificing fun and lightheartedness.” This the project which drives the new Spring/Summer 2014 Stella McCartney Kids collection. Unique articles, modern, produced in comfortable fabrics, which don’t limit kids’ vivacity, […]

Herno: Lightweight down, maximum warmth


Functionality and innovative aesthetics constitute Herno’s new down jacket concept. The clothes are super-light, which is the key to the brand’s success, and the result of an innovative production process together with a maniacal care in the selection of the materials. Futuristic machines inject the feathers inside the jackets, which allows for the elimination of the usual down bag inside the jacket thereby lessening the overall weight. The various sections of the jacket are not sewn, but heat sealed which increases the waterproof performance. The best feathers available in the marketplace – from the French Périgord, Siberia and the Italian Lomellina – are selected and mixed. The final result is […]

Irresistible Panchics!

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An attractive and immediately recognisable style; an explosion of contrasting colours, but always mixed with good taste; fantastic comfort and wearability; great value for money: we’re talking about PANCHIC!

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Perfect for all occasions and every type of clothing, from classic to sporty, from romantic to hippy chic… Warm and comfortable, with its inner lining of soft wool. Completely adaptable for all kinds of kids’ feet with an extractable insole and an anti-slip rubber outer sole. Amusing, colourful, original, inimitable…

Hunting around Markets for Bargains…

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It’s Christmas, and Rome is full of bright lights and colours. A fairy-tale atmosphere trickles through the ancient centre, with its historical and artistic treasures. In the squares and central streets nestle a whole series of Christmas markets which add a holiday cheerfulness to the city. As meeting places, haunts for alternative shopping, magnets for wandering, browsing and passing carefree hours with our kids they just can’t be beaten. Let’s switch off the TV then, and get moving! We’d like to illustrate just a few of the attractions available in Rome among the hundreds of antique fairs, clothing markets and gastronomic emporiums to be explored – the ones that […]

Red: The Colour of Christmas

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Christmas is about harmony, the desire to be better, it’s a sweet melancholy that invades you. But it’s also joy, bright lights and colour: gold, silver, green and lots and lots of red. Everywhere you look there’s a touch of red to celebrate Christmas: the decorations that brighten up our houses; the table adornments; the clothes and accessories we wear. If red is the queen of festive colours, which lends a hint of colour to our winter wardrobe (which can sometimes be a little monotonous and sad), then it’s even more joyful for our children. Let’s be honest, we wouldn’t be completely comfortable sparkling like a Christmas tree, but […]