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A new, fresh and amusing fashion brand; a colourful and joyful collection; a quintessential metropolitan style to dress kids from 4 to 14. Stella McCartney, a mum with four children and famous designer of women’s clothes and accessories with a sartorial look and elegant and refined taste, launches a collection for kids, but with a different vision that doesn’t follow the adult brand identity. As the designer herself says: “simple models that are comfortable and satisfy kids’ needs, without sacrificing fun and lightheartedness.” This the project which drives the new Spring/Summer 2014 Stella McCartney Kids collection. Unique articles, modern, produced in comfortable fabrics, which don’t limit kids’ vivacity, fresh and attractive clothes, trendy, but not too “heavy”. Floral prints, colourful clothes to layer one on top of the other, up-to-date, never banal, never exaggerated, but always fresh and in line with the times. An ironic collection, which doesn’t take itself too seriously and reflects the very essence of children’s fashion, telling a story, a fairy tale, which becomes reality because, let’s face it, the best fairy tales are the every day ones.

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We laid out on the lawn some of the clothes from the new Spring collection: it seemed the perfect way to present them to you. Fresh and colourful clothes to live in freedom simple and pleasant moments: a walk in the countryside, a trip out of town; carefree hours in the park…