Il Gufo means delicacy, style and quality. Each and every item is capable of emphasizing the innocence and purity of the child that wears it. It’s not by chance that the corporate slogan is: “Il Gufo: kids dressed like kids”.


The style, unmistakeably classy, is yet again the distinctive note of the spring collection this year. The Il Gufo girls resemble little princesses, draped in pastel tones and light fabrics. The boys are refined, but at the same time ironic and up-to-date. The “baby” line is colourful, playful, but chock-a-block with classic models in linen and silk.


These are clothes that transform into caresses to be worn. Fabrics that shine in their opulence. Gentle curves and ever-present comfort.


These spring/summer clothes are fresh and modern; they follow and support the needs of our kids, without ever betraying good taste and a touch of romanticism. This is Il Gufo’s real magic: its ability to gift always new alternatives while remaining faithful to its individual “ethos”.

This fresh, young and refined brand has given children’s fashion a new slant over the years, unique and beautiful, the Il Gufo style.